Sunday, February 15, 2015

Toshiro Mifune at the 33 Temple

Remembering a faded photo that I had seen on one of my visits to the '33' Temple in Kyoto which showed a samurai (played by Tishiro Mifune) walking along the outside covered walkway at the temple, I decided to discover more details about the scene.

Eventually I tracked down a DVD of 'The Samurai Trilogy' by Hiroshi Inagaki. In part 2, 'Duel at Ichijoji Temple' (1955) there is a scene at the temple. The whole scene takes around 2 minutes and does not play a major part in the story but I was deeply satisfied to have tracked down the origin of the old photograph I had seen a few years before.
The trilogy is very enjoyable and it is an epic story - that of the legendary 17th Century swordsman Musashi Miyamoto who spent his last days at Kumamoto Castle on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu.

In the film, the scene can be found at 56:00-58:10.

A trailer for the film can be found on here.

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