Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Student project: 'Sit-able object'

In June, after a lot of work, my students were finally able to see their work installed in a chair-themed exhibition at the Heritage Museum in Shatin.

The work had begun way back in October 2013 within the module ‘History of Visual Arts’ when the students formed groups and began formulating the creation of a ‘sit-able object’ that would fulfill the project requirements and also, later, perhaps become part of the planned exhibition.

After the project came to an end and was assessed, we had 10 ‘sit-able objects’ that could potentially go forward to be included in the show. However, as the next phase of the work needed to be completed in everyone’s spare time, there was a ‘natural selection’ and within a short period of time we were left with 3 groups of students still keen on refining their work.

The exhibition staff of the museum were in constant contact and came to our campus to help critique the work.

Eventually the time came for the work to be transported to the museum and installed in preparation for the opening of the exhibition and on the opening night many invited guests arrived for the speeches and the ceremony to begin the show.

This had been a learning experience for my students. Working in their spare time and trying to assimilate their ideas, my advice and the advice from the museum staff had been difficult for them but now they could see their work fully resolved and presented so well in the museum I could see they were very proud of their work, I was very proud of them. 

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