Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Drawing Dialogue 3 2019-2021 at Keighley Creative Gallery

The third installment of the Drawing Dialogue project reached a successful conclusion and this time an exhibition was arranged at Keighley Creative in West Yorkshire, UK. This was an opportunity for participants and visitors to survey all the drawings that had been created by the three-person teams during the project duration.

Drawing Dialogue 3 was a project running from 2019-2021, involving 36 artists from around the world interacting with each other's work. The artists were arranged in groups of three with each artist initiating a set of four drawings. Once each felt that a good beginning had been established, they were sent on to the next artist in the group and so on until there were three sets of A2 drawings that all three had worked on. 

The exhibition at the Keighley Creative Gallery will run from 10th June - 1st July 2021 at Old Sunwin House, Keighley, BD21 3QJ, UK.

To attend the Private View (6-8pm), please email: 

From 2-4pm on Saturday 26 June there will be a Drawing Dialogue Symposium (online) during which participating artists will share their experiences working on the project and there will be an opportunity to discuss collaborative drawing and other drawing-related issues. 

To book your free ticket to the online event please visit:

An online symposium was held before the exhibition opening attended by 30 participants. Three of the artists whose work is featured in the exhibition gave presentations on their work, their working methods and also their attitudes towards drawing itself.

One of the presenters, Garry Barker (Leeds Arts University, UK), gave a very interesting presentation on the subject of the dot and the line. Garry has now written up about his talk, revisiting the presentation and his account can be read here on his blog:

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