Sunday, August 24, 2014

First showing of work in Portugal

I was so happy to be able to show some of my work in Portugal for the first time this August.
The event was the '7th International Printmaking Biennial Douro 2014' -, and I had two etchings on display - 'Cultivation' of 2010 and 'Enclosure' of 2011, both hybrid prints combining intaglio and relief techniques.
'Enclosure' was created during my residency at the Guanlan Print Base in Shenzhen, China.

'Cultivation' - 2010

'Enclosure' - 2011

Saturday, August 9, 2014

'Going Round in Circles', performance - Part 2

On Wednesday 30th July 2014 I travelled to Tai Tam Country Park in Hong Kong, specifically to a small hill that had a footpath all the way around, pretty much level for the whole circuit. I set up a base near to a small dam as my starting and finishing point. Nearby was a wooden shelter that would be very conveniently located for my breaks and lunchtime.
I walked around the hill clockwise from 9 to 5, the typical working day, stopping for tea breaks in the mid-morning (roughly 10:30am) and mid-afternoon (roughly 3:00pm) plus a one-hour break for lunch (at around 12:30). I treated the whole day seriously as work.
There was no script for the performance beyond the start, break times and finish.

As I walked (worked) I carried a bag containing essential worker’s tools as well as my packed lunch and something to drink. I also carried a small note-pad to record the circuits i.e. the passing of time.

I notated the circuits of the hill in simple form with one short, straight line for each circuit and a cross bar to complete each group of 5 circuits. The working day is often measured by the worker’s output and this is often compared day by day in order to take stock of productivity. I adopted a strict work ethic and my production was the expiration of energy into circuits of the hill and these had to be measured in order to take stock of the sum of my labour at 5pm when my working day ended.

During the performance I became tired, a little distracted. This mirrored the real experience of work, especially work that is menial in nature. I reacted to these feelings instinctively and my reaction become part of the performance. I found myself clock-watching, calculating how long I needed to walk before I could allow myself a break and my mind was cast back to the days when I have had to hold down jobs I didn't enjoy and which robbed me of invaluable amounts of my life. My consolation during these times was the salary that allowed me to pay my rent and therefore survive.

When the 5pm ‘clocking-off' time came, I felt a sense of relief as I walked back up the steep hill to Park View and a bus back to Central.