Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Duration & Dialogue II Performance Art Festival 2017 - Part 1

I was so pleased to learn that my proposal for the Performance Art Festival in Toronto had been accepted!
View my piece on the festival website here:
The Festival will take place from 27th to 29th of January 2017 at Katzman Contemporary in Toronto, Canada.

My performance, entitled 'No holiday' will be realised in Hong Kong and live-streamed to Katzman Contemporary in Toronto. The 13-hour time difference means that I will be walking for the 2 hour period in the early morning and the gallery audience in Canada will be viewing my performance in the evening.
The preparation for the performance is currently underway:

Patrick S. Ford, No Holiday, performance development photograph, Hong Kong, November 2016

Press Release

Patrick S. Ford is delighted to announce his third performance piece, and first to be shown outside of Hong Kong, as part of the Duration & Dialogue II, a performance art festival and symposium held at the Katzman Contemporary art gallery in Toronto, Canada.
In No Holiday, Ford continues his practice of deconstructing everyday life for paradigms that can be isolated and examined within a durational event that retraces an action or an activity observed in life, exploring and reconfiguring observed movements he calls “found actions.” For many working people the highlight of the year is the annual holiday (summer holiday, Chinese new year holiday etc.). During this short, intense period people remove themselves from their habitual surroundings and immerse themselves enthusiastically into what is often unfamiliar geographical and/or cultural territory.
No Holiday deals with the journey to and from this holiday adventure, reversing the usual paradigm by focusing on the journey rather than the destination and eliminating the relief felt upon arrival at the intended holiday location. Ford will take his suitcase, map and selfie stick as he explores the choreography of the holiday experience in unfamiliar surroundings.
Patrick S. Ford, born in the UK, but living and working in Hong Kong since 1993, gained his initial training at Leeds College of Art (UK), BA (Hons) Fine Art at Northumbria University (UK). He then earned his MFA at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. He currently works as lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute. He has lectured on many subjects, conducted workshops on printmaking and drawing in Hong Kong and Japan (Kyoto Saga University of Arts), and held artist-in-residence positions in Hong Kong and China (Guanlan Original Printmaking Base).
Ford, who has worked in a variety of media including: sculpture, printmaking (previous Chairman of the Hong Kong Graphics Society), drawing, and, more recently, performance art, has participated in over 100 visual art exhibitions in: Europe, Asia, North America, and Australasia, and his work is included in many public and private collections.

Chinese translation:
褔伯爵高興地展示第三個個人的行為藝術作品《没有假期 No Holiday》,這是褔第一次香港以外的行為藝術展示。《没有假期 No Holiday》將於二零一七年於加拿大多倫多的 Katzman Contemporary  藝術美術館首演,是次表演藝術由Duration & Dialogue II 藝術節舉辦
《没有假期No Holiday》中,褔伯爵一直繼續在實踐、解構人類每天當下生活的範例,這些可以是被孤立的行動或活動、可以是持續事件中被細查的行動或活動。褔透過生活中觀察、追溯、探索、及重新裝置這些行動或活動的變動,褔把這個稱為「現成行動(英語:Found Actions)。」
這個《没有假期 No Holiday》行為藝術,反轉一般的假期範例,不著眼假期的目的地及到達目的地時那種解脫的心情,而相反地重點展示出,從旅程出發及回程的歷程中所探索其行動或活動的變動。褔會攜帶旅行箱、地圖、自拍桿,於陌生文化領域中去探索這個像舞蹈藝術排練的假期。
褔伯爵(Patrick Shaun Ford 出生於英國,是一個英國裔的藝術家、藝術教育學家,於一九九三年在香港工作並居住。褔畢業於英國利茲藝術學院,於英國諾桑比亞大學修習純美術學士學位,在墨爾本皇家理工大學獲得了藝術創作碩士。褔執教於香港知專設計學院,教授視覺藝術與文化、藝術文學士等課程。其間於香港與日本教授版畫及繪畫工作坊(京都嵯峨藝術大學),及獲中國觀瀾版畫原創產業基地邀請成為入駐藝術家。