Friday, July 15, 2022

'Soanyway', Issue 12

 It was such a thrill this month to see one of my photographs on the cover of the latest edition (#12) of 'Soanyway' - the journal edited by Derek Horton and Gertrude Gibbons.

The cover photo was taken in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in an apartment complex called 'Skygarden', found in District 7 of the city. A small, empty chair forms the only immediately recognisable element within an otherwise quite abstract space. The muted colour palette adds a touch of melancholy to the scene that also possesses an almost painterly quality.  

The theme for issue 12 is: 'Recording' and 'Documentation', and contains engaging articles by the editors and others on topics such as site-specific sculpture, photographic observations of the New York subway, documenting urban landscapes, along with reviews of exhibitions at Leeds Art Gallery, University of Leicester, and an examination of the rituals and roles of archives.

I would highly recommend reading this issue and past issues of this excellent journal.

Read the current issue #12 here.

The Soanyway website landing page can be found here.

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