Monday, January 28, 2019

Arts Cabaret 18

Early in January I discovered a local arts festival in Ireland that allowed for participation by artists around the world. The 'Arts Cabaret 18' was to be held on the evening of 26th January 2019 at Murray's Bar, Knockcroghery, Roscommon, Ireland. I contacted organiser Noel Molloy to express my interest in participating in the event.

Work was displayed on the walls during the evening while various performers presented to the attending audience. The original plan for the artwork being presented by remote artists was for it to faxed live during the evening. Each piece of work arriving was immediately displayed on the walls that represented this live, constantly changing body of work. These days, as faxes have become scarce and rarely used, the format has expanded to accept work via email, although black and white work is still preferred to retain the original 'feel' of the event.

The work I submitted was a piece worked on with Nina, Yiu Lai Lei that developed out of recent work involving layers and grids, and was entitled 'Strata Overlay 1'. The materials used were b/w collages created from photocopies of grids created on Adobe Illustrator with additions by ink pen, mounted on paper. The overall size was slightly less than A3, to be printed out as A4 for the festival exhibition.

More information about the festival can be found here.

Following the festival, all submitted work will eventually be uploaded to the online archive, which can be found here.

Arts Cabaret 18 Banner

Strata Overlay 1, 2019

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