Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Work Update - March 2019

Following on from my previous post 'Open-ended Work' of August 2018, I have now worked my way round to pushing forward the wall relief sculpture derived from the 'District 7' print.

I had set aside this piece for a while to attend to other projects and at that stage I had built up several stacks of square plates based upon a system I had devised to determine the heights of each block (determined by the direction of the drawn, hatched lines in my preparatory drawing).

9 square wooden plates of plywood were obtained and these shall form the baseplates onto which the blocks shall be attached. The resulting 9 elements will then be worked on, perhaps using gesso to create an appropriate ground to paint onto and a further surface for drawing. Each of the nine elements need to be integrated so that they read and a unified object.

Once I have achieved this I will need to determine the distance between each block so that they sit comfortably together, creating a field. I will update more once I have begun painting the blocks.

The blocks during the process of stacking them to appropriate heights

Laying out the blocks onto the new baseplates

Final intended viewing angle once the plates have been fully resolved

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